Tea With Ruby Ponderings - Just A Tea Cup?

It's only a teacup; or is it?    You see them most days and use them to have your Earl Grey on a morning to get the day started; that cup of tea that gets you through a hard day or the last cup to relax you curled up with a book before bed.

But have you thought about the teacup and what other uses it has?  To me a little teacup has many a different role. As a china lover and stylist I'm going to let you all into a secret of how the humble teacup can play a part in your big day.

Their form, decorativeness, and most of all darn right prettiness all lined up in a row can make a fabulous statement giving a table at your reception a vintage twist.  Bringing an element of delicate colour that can mix extremely well with any scheme creating an relaxed feel.

You can place a teacup at each setting filled with favours for your guests, or to attach their place names, or maybe use them as a planter so each guest can take it away and cherish.

Your dessert can be served in them; from cupcakes or ice cream, to sumptuous mousse ~ most decadent.

They can simply be used as a table decoration or grouped together as a table centre filled with flowers.

So next time you take your teacup down from the shelf on a morning, just stop for a while and wonder what else that little teacup can do!

Post written by Wedding Institute member
Jane from Tea With Ruby

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