.. a day out at the seaside..

image credit: East Coast Piers

....Saltburn is the current home sweet home to
The Wedding Institute's April Fair...

we would love for you to come
and spend the whole day in this beautiful
picturesque seaside town....

take a stroll along the beach,
a view from the pier
 while watching the surfers
and then take the Victorian water lift up to Saltburn Town,
 have lunch somewhere fabulous and then visit us for tea and cake, music,
and 'relax' with The Wedding Institute for the afternoon....

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post by Wedding Institute member Vicky Trainor

Tea With Ruby Ponderings - To Theme or not to Theme

Are you passionate about one particular colour or item in your possession that sparks an idea of solely using that palette as an overall theme for your big day?

Take for instance blue and white and the current falling back into fashion of willow pattern.  You either love it or hate it but personally I am in the rather do quite like camp.  It conjures up many a happy memory of having tea at my grandparents when I was a girl.  Sentimentality aside an overall blue and white palette would create an uncomplicated crisp and fresh feel to a wedding.

Maybe a splash of red or mustard yellow tones by adding an odd flower or ribbon bringing a touch of patriotism especially with the up and coming Jubilee celebrations taking place in June this year.  What a perfect time to introduce such colours.
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Dotting blue flowers in your bouquet, azure 50's inspired bridesmaid dresses, crisp white table linen, lace table runners, each setting with blue and white china, blue bottles filled with blooms even down to wearing blue shoes with your ivory frock.
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The world is your oyster or so they say, be bold, be blue.

Post by Wedding Institute Jane from Tea With Ruby

...and they made their family home....

...couples from the North East
"making their family home"...
Wilf & Florence

 Joe & Gertrude

 Tom & Dorothea

 Tom & Katey

Alice & Frank

Vic & Gertrude

William & Emily

 Norman & Winnie

Jack & Sarah Jayne

Michael & Alice

Frank & Olive

William & Mary

 Edward & Olwyn

George & Audrey

Betty & Julien

Mary & Herbert

Image and Article credit to Communigate and Northumbria University

posted by Wedding Institute Member - Vicky Trainor

in preparation for the first dance....

image credit: Fifties Wedding
...and how will you be practising
your wedding moves?...

image credit: Bulldog Vintage

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image credit: Forties

and a bit of Northern Soul...couldn't resist posting this fabulous fella
watch and learn...watch and learn...

Posy by Wedding Institute member Vicky Trainor

Tea With Ruby's Ponderings....

Welcome to Tea with Ruby's first contribution to the wonderful The Wedding Institute blog.  I shall be popping in with my ponderings and inspirations, letting you into a world that isn't purely full of vintage china even though that is where my passion lies.
It's all about the detail, the finer points, the odd snippet of wow that make it all fall into place.  Styling is most definitely key, take crockery for instance, china can be used in so many different ways without even realising, a teapot is not only for making your tea in, a teacup not only a vessel to drink it from.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing images from the simplest table decoration to the darn right amazing.  For now I shall start with something you may have already thought of, the humble teapot.
Used as a simple table centre
overflowing with floral wonder.

image credit: Bridal Shower
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image credit: pinterest
image credit: pinterest
Small elements can make a big impact.

Today's post by Wedding Institute member
Jane Day from Tea with Ruby

The Family Album

image credit: Life

When planning your wedding, your ideas, collating your thoughts, where is that initial seed sewn?

Where do you start on your journey of sewing all those inspirations together, scrapbooks and snippets that you have flying around in your mind from left to right and pirhouetting in the middle?

There is so much inspiration to be taken from past wedding photographs.  As a designer I love to scan them for detailing, not just for the style of dress and wonderful fabrics but to see the details of flowers and buttonholes, cakes, simply dressed tressle tables, hair and jewellery, wonderful layers of inspiration.

A place to start is to look at old family albums,
a great aunts bouquet,
your Mum's 'barely there' mini dress,
your grandma's fitted tweed suit,

....so ask to see your families photo albums, the really old albums that are tooked away in the loft, hidden in a sideboard or at the back of the cupboard under the stairs and blow off the dust...

image credit: my vintage wedding

23:00: my grandparents are the cutest ever.
image credit: Everything is Borrowed

grandma & grandpa by nostalgifabriken on Flickr.
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Post by Wedding Institute member: Vicky Trainor