"...from a shimmer shadow to an eye lined flick...get ready to pout" with Make-up By Jo

Inspiration from the 1940 and 1950 make-up for me is watching old movies, for example, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany, Cat on Hot Tin Roof, Some Like it Hot, the list of movies is endless looking at photographs, images of film stars during this era.

Make-up during this era had a slight different element from each decade.

1940 make-up.
Skin was matte and contoured. The eyes shaded slightly in a neutral brown tone to socket and liner to the outer corner but only taken to the last outer lash. The eyebrows were more angled and shaped straighter with a fuller volume. Lips were overdrawn in a "balloon" shape from the cupids bow. The colours were soft the eyes and the lipsticks shades were a softer raspberry and reds.
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1950 make-up
Skin was matte and contoured with a light hint of blusher high on cheekbones. The eyes defined with a shimmer shadow and neutral tones with the liner to outer corner and a slight extended into a flick. The eyebrows are curved and soft compared to the 1940 more of a arch. The lips again overdrawn and taken from outer corners to mouth. The colours similar to the 1940 with more red lipsticks.
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Make-up brands that i use vary from all ranges from Ariane Poole, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobby Brown, Jemma Kidd, Nars, many more.  I will be offering 40's and 50's make up trials at The Wedding Institute on Sunday 29th April, so grab yourself a ticket and join the queue for a little flick of eyeliner and red defined lips.
See you there....

Tea With Ruby Ponderings - Just A Tea Cup?

It's only a teacup; or is it?    You see them most days and use them to have your Earl Grey on a morning to get the day started; that cup of tea that gets you through a hard day or the last cup to relax you curled up with a book before bed.

But have you thought about the teacup and what other uses it has?  To me a little teacup has many a different role. As a china lover and stylist I'm going to let you all into a secret of how the humble teacup can play a part in your big day.

Their form, decorativeness, and most of all darn right prettiness all lined up in a row can make a fabulous statement giving a table at your reception a vintage twist.  Bringing an element of delicate colour that can mix extremely well with any scheme creating an relaxed feel.

You can place a teacup at each setting filled with favours for your guests, or to attach their place names, or maybe use them as a planter so each guest can take it away and cherish.

Your dessert can be served in them; from cupcakes or ice cream, to sumptuous mousse ~ most decadent.

They can simply be used as a table decoration or grouped together as a table centre filled with flowers.

So next time you take your teacup down from the shelf on a morning, just stop for a while and wonder what else that little teacup can do!

Post written by Wedding Institute member
Jane from Tea With Ruby

Summer of Love


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'Summer of Love' - an inspirational moodboard

We are very lucky indeed that What Katy Did Next is a member of The Wedding Institute and will be exhibiting with us on Sunday 29th April - she has produced a creative, vintage, imaginative, eclectic, theatrical collection of hair accessories this year and we can't wait to see what she has on show on the day....