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Welcome to Tea with Ruby's first contribution to the wonderful The Wedding Institute blog.  I shall be popping in with my ponderings and inspirations, letting you into a world that isn't purely full of vintage china even though that is where my passion lies.
It's all about the detail, the finer points, the odd snippet of wow that make it all fall into place.  Styling is most definitely key, take crockery for instance, china can be used in so many different ways without even realising, a teapot is not only for making your tea in, a teacup not only a vessel to drink it from.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing images from the simplest table decoration to the darn right amazing.  For now I shall start with something you may have already thought of, the humble teapot.
Used as a simple table centre
overflowing with floral wonder.

image credit: Bridal Shower
image credit: pinterest
image credit: pinterest
image credit: pinterest
Small elements can make a big impact.

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Jane Day from Tea with Ruby

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